An intensive education and support program for children ages 6 to 12 with complex needs, and their families


We believe that children and families thrive best in a strengths-based environment. Families are at the centre of services and supports are collaborative, culturally sensitive, individualized and flexible. We are trauma-informed and attachment based.


PATHS at Cindrich offers a school program, assessment and intensive supports for children with complex needs and their families. We provide a small, supported and structured classroom environment for our students; we also offer a range of child and family intervention programs. PATHS helps children and their families understand and manage the impacts of their complex needs.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and composed of a developmental pediatrician; psychiatrist; psychologist; child and family therapists; teachers; social workers; support workers; and other professionals providing consultations, assessments and interventions. Parents are an essential part of the team and are included in all aspects of planning, goal-setting and decision-making.

Depending on the specific needs of each child and family participating in the program, services at Centre may include:

  • Extensive classroom support and adapted programs that foster resilience, self-regulation, recovery from trauma, and social-emotional development, as well as core academic and school-readiness skills.

  • Clinical diagnostic assessment of complex developmental and behavioural conditions.

  • Developmental pediatric care and follow-up.

  • Individual and family therapy.

  • Parent education.

  • Advocacy and support in accessing other community resources and services.


  • An understanding of each child’s and family’s strengths and needs, and how to effectively assist and support them.

  • A school setting that is highly sensitive and responsive to children’s social and emotional needs and experiences of trauma.

  • Support and a safe atmosphere where children and families can build trusting and therapeutic relationships.

  • To learn how to recognize and effectively cope with and manage your child’s complex challenges.

  • Interventions that help to strengthen families, increase resilience to adversity and stress, and promote healthy child development.

  • Support and access to other community resources and services.


Referrals are accepted from Surrey schools, social workers, mental health professionals and other community agencies.

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